Palace of Culture and science




Perfect location : strict City Center

Impressive architecture: Tallest building in the city, the building was conceived as a "gift from the Soviet people to the Polish nation”. The big attraction is a large terrace on the 30th floor of the Palace.

Venue offers over 25 halls with various destinations. Halls on different floors connecting by unique marble staircase. The palace is one of the largest conference facilities in Warsaw, comfortably accommodating more than 4,500 participants at a time. It makes possible to organize  congresses and conferences with satellite symposia as well as gala dinners, cocktails and banquets.

The Congress Hall (Sala Kongresowa) and Concert Hall (Sala Koncertowa) are without a doubt among the most important concert halls in Poland. The first one can accommodate up to 2,880 persons, while the second holds only 550 people, but is now one of the best-equipped in the country in terms of modern technology.

For evening galas the two halls located on the 2nd floor (Marmurowa & Ratuszowa) are definitely one of the most prestigious ones in Warsaw.