The tradition of baking St. Martin's croissants dates back to 1891 when the priest of the St. Martin's parish addressed the congregation with a request to help the poor. Bakeries produced croissants in the shape of a horseshoe (referring to the one lost by the white horse ridden by St. Martin), which were then distributed among the poor.

Although this event is associated with the charity action the baking of croissants remains the best known tradition. Over the years the recipe has been continuously improved; currently a genuine St. Martin's croissant should be made from puff pastry and filled in 35% with a white poppy seed filling. The weight is also strictly defined - between 150 and 250 g.

According to bakers, every year Poznanians consume about 700,000 croissants (120 tonnes) on this day.

The reputation of the Poznań croissants goes beyond the city. Since 2000, the Poznań City Office has been sending these delicacies to the President and Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, ambassadors and mayors of all provincial cities treating them as a showcase of Poznań and an important element of the city's promotion.

Since the tradition is so strong the native Poznanians want to share with it with all visitors therefore there is Poznan Croissant Museum where one has a chance to try to do one what may occur not so easy.