Poznań – Congreess Centre

Poznan Congreess Centre



Poznan Congress Center is a modern congress, exhibition, sports and entertainment center, the o er of which includes all of the facilities of Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie.

Diverse interior architecture enable the organization of various events, from business meetings for a dozen people to the events for tens of thousands of participants. Excellent location, a wide selection of hotels, the proximity of the airport and train station, convenient transport and a wide range of cultural events offered by Poznan makes it an ideal location for professional conferences, congresses, trade fairs or events.

Congress Center – Hall 15 – a multifunctional, three-level and architecturally diverse facility with more than 4 000 conference seats, a VIP area and a space dedicated to exhibitors and sponsor booths. The venue has 38 fully-equipped conference rooms with adjustable size and a spacious foyer with an area of 2 250 square meters, ideal for exhibitions and banquets.

With the skywalk connection to the complex of four halls, the facility allows to simultaneously organize conferences and events for nearly 20 000 people. The showpiece of the Congress Center is Earth Hall considered by experts as one of the best large concert halls in Poland in terms of acoustics. The hall can accommodate nearly 2 000 people, and thanks to the ingenuity of designers it can be arranged in various layouts that work for scientific congresses, theatre performances, concert and sporting event.



Poznań – Poznań University of Technology – Lecture and Conference Center

Poznań University of Technology - Lecture and Conference Center


Beautifully situated conference center - on the shores of the river, in the middle of the city. It consists of several halls and assembly hall. The center belongs to the most modern conference centers in Poland.

In the building is the largest lecture hall of Poznań University of Technology - assembly hall for 600 seats. An interesting fact is that by using a sliding soundproofed curtain walls auditorium can be divided into three smaller lecture halls (respectively 240, 130 and 130 seats).

In addition to the assembly hall in the building there are 12 classrooms located, including 3 large with 150 seats, 3 medium with 100 seats and 6 small seminar and lecture halls for 60-90 seats.


Poznań – Concordia Design

Concordia Design


Concordia Design is situated in the very centre of Poznań, neighbouring the trade show area (MTP), close to the main railway station and the airport. CD is based in a renovated Old Printing House. After the renovation, the building retained its style while gaining many innovative solutions.

1000m² at disposal, with unlimited interior arrangement options. The building offers 2 banquet/conference halls (300m² and 228m²) as well as 8 rooms ideal for smaller meetings.


Poznań – Accommodation

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Sheraton Poznań

ul. Bukowska 3/9, 60-809, Poznań, Polska


City Park Hotel & Residence

  ul. Wyspiańskiego 26a, 60-751, Poznań, Polska

PURO Poznań Stare Miasto

ul. Stawna 12, 61-759, Poznań, Polska

NH Poznań

ul. św. Marcin 67, 61-806, Poznań, Polska

Don Prestige Residence

ul. Święty Marcin 2, 61-803, Poznań, Polska

Poznań – Ostrów Tumski

Ostrów Tumski

The most important royal residence during the days when Poland was still a pagan country. This is where you one finds Poland’s very first cathedral: St Peter and Paul's (as Pope John Paul II used to say: “this is where Poland started”).

Poznań – Old Town of Poznań

Old Town of Poznan

The hallmark of the city, the “Poznańskie Koziołki”: two charming billy-goats that butt heads every day at noon

Renaissance Town Hall

St. Stanislav’s Church (also known as “fara”), a precious pearl of the Polish Baroque, brimming with gilded ornaments and mouldings.

Poznań – Poznań Gate ICHOT

Poznań Gate ICHOT

Poznań ICHOT gate is unique on a national scale cultural institution whose aim is widely understood promotion of cultural heritage on the example of the Cathedral Island in Poznań. Located in the oldest part of the city, on the river Cybina, adjacent to the cathedral of the island, occupies specially designed complex of buildings: the main building modernist and revitalized Katedralna mucus that connects flipped over the river bridge.

Poznań ICHOT gate is absolutely oryginal place for conference organization for 120 persons in the biggest hall. Also in smaller hall there is possibility to make coffee break or registration. Poznań ICHOT gate has large outdoor space what is an extra facility for meetings.

Poznań – Poznań Croissant

The tradition of baking St. Martin's croissants dates back to 1891 when the priest of the St. Martin's parish addressed the congregation with a request to help the poor. Bakeries produced croissants in the shape of a horseshoe (referring to the one lost by the white horse ridden by St. Martin), which were then distributed among the poor.

Although this event is associated with the charity action the baking of croissants remains the best known tradition. Over the years the recipe has been continuously improved; currently a genuine St. Martin's croissant should be made from puff pastry and filled in 35% with a white poppy seed filling. The weight is also strictly defined - between 150 and 250 g.

According to bakers, every year Poznanians consume about 700,000 croissants (120 tonnes) on this day.

The reputation of the Poznań croissants goes beyond the city. Since 2000, the Poznań City Office has been sending these delicacies to the President and Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, ambassadors and mayors of all provincial cities treating them as a showcase of Poznań and an important element of the city's promotion.

Since the tradition is so strong the native Poznanians want to share with it with all visitors therefore there is Poznan Croissant Museum where one has a chance to try to do one what may occur not so easy.

Poznań – Kórnik castle

Kórnik castle

The most precious historic monument in Kórnik. Its history began in the 14th century, but since that time it has been converted many times.

The Castle is an imitation of the English 19 century residence with the beautiful park accordingly in the free English style nearby. Inside the castle there is a museum with very valuable exhibits: historical and national mementos, armour, firearms, paintings, furniture from various epochs and in various styles, floors made of various kinds of wood and create amazing mosaic and the rich library (300 000 volumes) of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The Kórnik park and the botanic garden are one of the biggest and richest in Poland.

Poznań – Rogalin Palace

Rogalin Palace

Was built in 1815. In the meantime the style of this building changed many times: from a baroque at the beginning to the classical style nowadays.

Inside there is a museum with valuable paintings, porcelain, old furniture and clocks. In the  surroundings of the palace there are a few other buildings worth seeing. On the west side of the palace there is Rogalin Park, which was created in the 18th century. A French park with sculptures of mythological figures and mound was changed into English park. Rogalin Park and its surroundings are well known because of old oak trees - about 950 trees. The oldest ones are about 600 years old.