Wawel hill with the Royal Castle

The most popular and the richest museum in Poland - Wawel Castle

In its 71 magnificent rooms with 7.040 sq. meters of floor space, several thousands of priceless works of art are on display

The most valuable of all the works of art in the Wawel collection are the Arras tapestries

The Royal Armory with its collection of the standards and colors of the Teutonic Knights won in the Battle of Grunwald in 1410 is also worth seeing.

Wawel Cathedral used to be the scene of coronations and is the eternal resting place of the kings of Poland.

Wawel hill is dominated by the Cathedral, the Castle and the defense towers.

In the Sigismund Tower hangs the largest bell in Poland, called ”Zygmunt". The Renaissance Sigismund Chapel by the Cathedral, roofed with pure gold, is an absolutely unique architectural monument.